Tales Of the 3rd Grade: She’s A Lifesaver

Tales Of the 3rd Grade: She’s A Lifesaver

"You're A Life Saver!"

The school year is ending, thankfully.  I wish I could say that this has been the greatest year of K’s life but that wouldn’t be too accurate.  She “endured” and “survived” the year but not without plenty of gripes and complaints.  Yet despite the “agony” of Third Grade, K never lost her sense of humor.  In fact, on the several occasions that I ran into K’s teachers outside of school, they always asked me “How’s little Tina Fey doing?”  Yes, my child inherited my sarcastic and dry wit.  Only she is really FUNNY! Here’s proof:

The following occurred during a rainy afternoon at school.  K had just let a teacher back into the building.

Teacher: “K, You’re a life saver!”

K: I am neither chewy, nor am I inflatable

K immediately turned and strutted away as if she had not said a thing. K’s 3rd grade teacher  (who overheard the interaction) and the other teacher looked at each other and were speechless.

What else was there to say? That’s my daughter for you! And I wouldn’t want her any other way!


We should have just named her "Ramona"