Gastronomical Utopia At Next Restaurant: One Course At A Time

Gastronomical Utopia At Next Restaurant: One Course At A Time

Next: El Bulli

I am not sure what I would do without my husband, Adam.  Certainly I would not eat nearly as well as I do.  Not only is he a gourmet cook and an impassioned “foodie” but he is also an amazing photographer.  So, if you combine his passion for fine cuisine with his love of photography; well you get some awesome shots of the amazing dinners we have had over the past 10 or so years.

We had tickets to Next Restaurant on May 19th.  Do you know how freaking hard it is to get tickets to this restaurant? If you do, then you also know that Adam was near tears when I told him that there was NO WAY that I could go out for dinner that night.  I had just been diagnosed with strep throat and had an 102 degree temperature.  Unless it involved a heating pad or good drugs, I was not interested.  And despite his best efforts to find someone to go with, Adam recognized that he was not going to enjoy the tastes of El Bulli on Saturday night.  But, he was not derailed and he managed to get last minute tickets on the following Wednesday night.  It was a miracle that he (a) got the tickets and (b) that I was well enough to handle a 29 course meal.

I’ve been asked to share my thoughts and reflects on the meal.  There are few adjectives that do it justice.  With that, and recognizing that you really don’t want to read my prose, here is the video that Adam compiled from his pictures of that evening:

Next Restaurant: El Bulli, A Meal in 29 Stages of Culinary Utopia

To answer the inevitable question: Yes, as a matter of fact, I did gain 10 pounds.  But they were SO worth it!