A Windy City Momma Appreciates

I Appreciate You!

Today’s Weight Watchers meeting was all about me. Well, not me exactly but about making time for myself. One of the questions the leader asked was if any of us had an appreciation log/journal. Right… like I have time to jot down the top 10 things that I appreciate the most? So, in an effort to create some “me time” and to acknowledge the things that I am most appreciative of, I figured that I would create a list and see where it takes me.
Disclaimer: I am most appreciative of having my incredible family including my husband, daughter, sisters, parents as well as my friends. It goes without saying that I appreciate the people in my life first and foremost. This is not that kind of list. This is the random and somewhat silly appreciation list that makes me smile or chuckle to myself when I think of these things.I appreciate:

  1. Homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream on a hot summer night at the beach
  2. Napping under the pine trees in northern Minnesota and listening to the wildlife all around me.
  3. Spending time alone
  4. Having a dog who follows me around and sits in front of the shower so no one disturbs me
  5. The radio station WHFS 99.1 and being introduced to some of my (still) favorite bands like the Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Erasure etc. etc.
  6. That my “happy place” is on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay
  7. Judy Blume and her genuine candor. Not sure I would have made it through puberty without her sage guidance.
  8. Going to a Quaker School and moments of reflection and silence
  9. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (If you’ve seen it, and like it, you get it)
  10. Having had a chance to eat all sorts of delicacies from various parts of the world and sharing them with my family and friends.

Having created the list am I more appreciative?  No, not really.  But I do realize that I touched on a lot of things/memories that I shared with some really important people in my life.  Is it me time if I am thinking about others and the various things that we experienced together?

So, dear reader, what about you?  Other than the people in your life and the basics (shelter, enough food, that we don’t live in Libya etc) of what are you most appreciative?