Subaru Legacy: A True Case of Inside Out

Subaru Legacy: A True Case of Inside Out

I wanted the Subaru Legacy 2015 to be sexy. I wanted it to scream: “Look at me.  I’m awesome inside and out.” But when I saw it for the first time, I thought “that’s it?”

Subaru Legacy 2015

From the picture, it doesn’t look too unique, right?  I admit that I was expecting a James Bond style of Astin Martin/Economic style car.

I was lamenting my disappointment to a young, Millennial colleague last week, when he remarked: “Oh!  That’s the car that I want to buy. My parents have Subarus, my sister drives one too.  It’s the only car we buy.  It’s not supposed to look “sexy.”  That’s the attraction.”  I’m sorry but…What?!?  Why would you buy a car that wasn’t sexy?

He went on to explain that he (and I guess his family) didn’t want the car to look too nice because what was inside of the car was what really mattered to him.  He didn’t care that the car looked, at least to me, like the carbon-copy of every other car on the low-to medium-price car listings.  What Dave cared about was the INSIDE.

And I’ll be the first to admit that on the inside, this car is nothing but SWEET!

Console cluster

You can, literally, do everything that you need to do from the “console cluster.” On the first snowy day in Chicago, I could not only call Adam to tell him my ETA home (thank you left hand call button on the steering wheel) but the built in Siri allowed me to change Sirius XM Radio stations, check the weather and traffic without having to pull over and check my iPhone. Driving in the snow and sleet was a total breeze thanks to the All-Wheel Drive.  Lulu loved the ample leg room and and comfortable Captain seats.  I am a huge fan of the EyeSight Driver Assistance System with enhanced camera performance, which alerts the driver when they are getting too close to another vehicle to help prevent collision.

Given the number of cars that I have test driven over the past few years, by far, the Subaru Legacy 2015 is taking the blue ribbon for comfort, ease of highway and city driving and safety.  Yes, I will admit it, the car sort of grows on me.  It’s not the SUV that I am used to driving but it is absolutely the kind of car that I wouldn’t mind buying for Adam, especially on his non-Porsche driving days.

Bring on the snow!  I think that the Subaru Legacy can handle anything the Chicago weather sends its way!


Disclaimer:  I am a voluntary participant in the Subaru of America Legacy Blogger program. I have been asked by Subaru of America to review their products in exchange for the use of a short-term vehicle loan. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.