A Law & Order Fan’s Dream Comes True

Yes, it’s not “Wordless Wednesday” but when have you ever known me to “wordless” anyway?  Just had to share this great photo (okay, great photo of Adam and Kathryn Erbe) from this past weekend’s Steppenwolf Red or White Ball.  Who says dreams can’t come true?  The actress was really gracious and seemed genuinely interested in Adam and my over zealous enthusiasm of her work on what is arguably one of the greatest television shows: Law & Order Criminal Intent.

On a side note: Had a great time at the party until my feet decided that it was time to get off of the concrete floor.  Major pain despite the fancy shoes.

Honorary chair and Steppenwolf ensemble member Kathryn Erbe (center), with Renee and Adam Keats of Highland Park at Friday’s the Red or White Ball at Architectual Artifacts. | Kyle Flubaker photo (http://www.suntimes.com/photos/galleries/index.html?story=11942517)