Diary of A Wimpy Kid Rolls Into A Windy City Momma’s House

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Rolls Into A Windy City Momma’s House

That’s ME! I’m A WIMPY KID!

Greg Heffley and the Diary of A Wimpy Kid books invaded our house a few years ago and haven’t left.  Not just because my daughter is a HUGE fan of the series (which she is) but  simply because I LOVE the main character, Greg Heffley:

Greg is lazy, selfish and seldom shows any remorse for his wrongdoings. He is totally oblivious to his own character foibles and considers himself basically flawless in personality as opposed to those around him, albeit he does not always treat his family, friends, and schoolmates respectfully, particularly his best friend, Rowley Jefferson…

Greg’s sort of a “middle-school everyman” who faces the kinds of problems we’ve all encountered, like how to ask someone out on a date or addressing Mr. Jefferson as “the driver” because Greg wants to seem more impressive to his “date” than he really is.  As a once middle school student who could have also been described as “self-absorbed and somewhat clueless,” I recognize a kindred spirit and have been a Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan since the author, Jeff Kinney, was interviewed on Terry Gross’ show “Fresh Air” a few years ago for The Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

The books are targeted towards middle school readers but in actuality appeal to just about anyone (sort of like the Harry Potter series). But unlike the Potter phenomena, Jeff Kinney’s books are really funny — the kind of funny where you have to take a break from reading because you’re laughing so hard that you are actually “snorting” to the point when tears and snot are running down your face, and you feel like you could actually throw up from laughing so hard.

To some adults, the books can be construed as stories in cartoon form: “graphic novels.”  So it’s natural that the Wimpy Kid books have drawn criticism from some teachers who would prefer that their students veer away from “picture books.”  From my perspective on the parental “slippery slope,” despite the (incredibly funny) cartoons, I still give the books a HUGE thumbs up!  My daughter’s READING for goodness sake!

So you could imagine how psyched my family was when we found out that not only were K, Adam and I  going  TO MEET one of our LITERARY and COMIC HEROS, JEFF KINNEY, but that we would also get 30 uninterrupted minutes for K to speak with him during his most recent book tour for the latest, and funniest, Diary of A Wimpy Kid book yet: The Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel!  And we were able to video taped the interview for you!  (Did I yell that loud enough?)

My brilliant husband (how often do I refer to him like that?) suggested that K alert her 4th grade class that she was interviewing a famous author and ask that it pull together a list of AWESOME questions for K to ask him.

I think that it was one of the best discussions Jeff had all day!  Click on the link to see her great interview:


Amazing right?  K was able to ask all of her classmates questions and judging from the look of things, it appeared that Jeff Kinney was impressed with her professionalism and the caliber of the questions she asked him.

The latest installment of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid book came out in November and if you haven’t had a chance to read it (or any of the books), I absolutely encourage you to pick one up IMMEDIATELY.  I actually laughed out loud at some of the jokes.  And, sadly, I could relate to some of the (self made) messes that Greg creates for himself.  Also, check out the movies which were created based on the series’ characters.  We purchased them as soon as they came out on DVD and have enjoyed Greg’s and his friends adventures many times.  They make for great family night movie viewing.

The Third Wheel Bus

P.S.  Did I mention that the series makes a great holiday gift for your favorite 4th + grader?  Between the Sh*tty Moms Books for my sisters and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books for my younger nephews, I may already have my Holiday shopping done for the year! Of course,  all of these books, DVDs and, yes, games can be found on Amazon.com.

Finally, as Meredith Sinclair, one of the funniest and a most awesome moms and women around, puts it:

“Disclaimer: NONE of these brands, shops, sites, or products have paid me a red cent to promote them.  Nope, not one.”  


Improving My Cutting Skills–The Chicago Way

Improving My Cutting Skills–The Chicago Way

Cutting, chopping, mincing and slicing… All of these actions lead me to the same conclusion: It’s time that I learn how to use knives for more than opening the cellophane wrapped around K’s new DVDs and GameBoy games.  Since I have started doing more cooking in the kitchen, I have also heard my wonderful husband mutter under his breath one or two times “You are USING the WRONG KNIFE!”  So, you can bet that I jumped on the chance to learn more about great knives and their uses.

 I am venturing to The Chopping Block at the Merchandise Mart today to get some lessons on the proper knife technique.  Specifically, I will be using the new Chicago Cutlery® DesignPro™ product.  It’s the latest innovation from Chicago Cutlery.  The knives are designed to have a handle that guides your hand to the best position for superior control and cutting. Hopefully, with the ultra-sharp, Japanese blades, I won’t find myself struggling to not only figure out which is the correct knife to use, but also be assured that I am using a sharp knife to make the cleanest cuts.


In the meantime, I have been looking at pictures of two of the knives online.



I have a feeling that once I have completed the class today, I will be texting my super-fantastic cook of a husband with a request to replace our 15 year-old german knives with these super sleek, sharp and modern ones.


Who knows?  Perhaps with the Chicago Cutlery Design Pro knives, I will do more of the cooking?  Or at least taking the lead for the food prep?  You will be the first to know.