An Unanticipated Forehead Hickey

An Unanticipated Forehead Hickey


 I never predicted that I would be using a title with the words “forehead” and “hickey” next to each other, but that’s pretty much the most accurate way to describe what happened to my daughter, Lulu, when she discovered the “gag gift” my mother-in-law gave me last month: It’s a mini-plunger to be used to hold up an iphone or mp3 player; or so we thought.  As it turns out, it was literally the gift that left its mark.  <Pun intended>.

Living in the Midwest, Lulu and I rarely see our East Coast family.  And I was totally psyched to show her off: how she’s matured, grown and developed into an overall good kid over the past year.  So you can imagine my surprise when upon looking at my “angel” at 6:30 a.m. on the day that we are supposed to go on our little adventure, Lulu had what can only be described as a 2 inch round hickey on her forehead.

Long story short, she was playing with my little plunger so much and for so long that it left a nasty big hickey right in the middle of her forehead. (If you want to see a picture of it, forget it.  I was so mortified, that I refused to allow anyone to take a picture of her until the bruise dissipated.)

You might be asking, at this point in my story, where was I when this bit of mischief was occurring? Doing the typical mom things: running around the house and getting us packed up for vacation. So, when it finally registered that Lulu was walking around with the plunger on her face, it was too late to undo the damage.  Luckily she had about a week before her father was flying to meet us and he would witness first hand Lulu’s handiwork.  Perhaps, I wouldn’t face the parental inquisition after all. At least not from her father…my parents were another story.

As soon as my parents saw the mark they asked the appropriate questions: “What the hell did she do to her face?” and “Why weren’t you watching her?”  Yeah, like she’s 2 and I don’t have other things crossing my mind at 6:00 in the morning besides whether or not my precocious 7 year old will decide that her forehead is the perfect spot for my iphone plunger?  My sisters just laughed at me and at her.  One sister volunteered that rubbing lemon juice on it might help the bruise go away a bit faster or at the very least, Lulu would smell really nice all week.

Fast forward a month and I have recently broken out with adult acne.  The kicker?  Yup, I have a MASSIVE raised and quite red pimple on, you guessed it, my forehead in approximately the same spot where Lulu had her hickey.  When she saw the mark last week, Lulu had the nerve to ask me “Mommy, were you playing with Grandma’s plunger again? I thought that we agreed playing with was a bad idea?”
Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?  (And no, I am not taking pictures of what we now affectionately call my third eye and posting them on my blog.)  I mean, would you?