Cascade Platinum Pacs Saved My Dishwasher

Cascade Platinum Pacs Saved My Dishwasher

Cleaning like a man never got so easy since Cascade Premium Pacs!

Sticking his head in the dishwasher has never been my husband’s idea of fun.  But that is exactly what he did one cold February night this year.  As he reached in to the appliance to clear what can only be described as “gunk,” Adam screamed in pain.  Not only was he waist deep in our dishwasher, he had just sliced open his finger trying to clear whatever was causing the machine to flood at every rinse and dry.  Watching Adam struggle to dismantle, clean each small component and then reassemble our dishwasher that Sunday night lead me to conclude that there had to be better solution than our bi-monthly pow-wows with what can arguably be the third most important appliance in the kitchen; the first being the refrigerator and the second, the stove.

There is a solution.  It’s called Cascade Platinum Pacs.

Here’s the story’s punch line: After all the literal blood, sweat and tears (from cutting his finger), Adam and I still had to call a plumber.  Nothing we could do would stop the machine from flooding each time it ran and I knew that we had reached our limit when we started to blame each other for not pre-washing the plates prior to putting them in the very same dishwasher that supposedly would allow us to put the plates directly in it without NEEDING TO pre-rinse the dishes.

So we called a plumber, who incidentally was quite charming and kind, but who still charged us $125 to clear the gunk and offer some much needed advice: “Get rid of the liquid generic dishwasher liquid you are using.  Stop buying over-priced biodegradable soap that leaves spots on your glasses and doesn’t really clean your dishes.  Go to the store and buy Cascade Platinum pacs.”  And so we did.

As soon as we swapped out the generic liquid stuff and started using Cascade Platinum pacs, our plates looked cleaner and we noticed that the grey film that was once left on our glasses had disappeared.  Even better?  The inside of the dishwasher looked like a new machine, not the 10 year-old Model we’d moved from condo to house to new house. Our dishwasher stopped flooding (and the dog stopped lapping up the puddles and then throwing up the soapy water), the dishes didn’t have unrecognizable caked on food and, as I mentioned before, our glasses were clear: no more spots.


This dish wouldn’t be quite so appealing if the plate was grey.

Every once in awhile, I agree to review a product that I’ve been using for some time.  The last review about dish soap was for Dawn.  Not ironically, the Cascade Premium Pacs have the Dawn grease fighting power.  Because we have seen such a dramatic difference not only in the appearance of our dishes but also the appearance and functionality of our dishwasher, I wanted you to know about our success.  Maybe thinking about your dishwasher detergent isn’t top on your mind today, but when you are foodies like Adam and me or have been embarrassed once or twice when someone has found a lipstick mark on a wine glass (yes, that has happened to me,) then you are familiar with the “icky” feeling when a guest asks for a different glass or utensil.  Since we started using Cascade Premium pacs, our flat wear and utensil concerns have dissipated.  Now we can concentrate on more important matters like whether or not the Chicago Bears starting line-up will be any good this year.


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.