Save the Frother & You May Save the Marriage

A few months ago, my doctor told me to limit my milk intake.  Worse, he believed that my drinking coffee was making me angry and causing me to get heartburn.  Bottom line:  I need to stop drinking coffee also.  (Something about having too much energy and having it manifest itself in un-warranted aggression.)  Personally, I didn’t feel that the coffee had anything to do with my “energy”‘but I agreed to limit my intake.  However, in a move to limit our growing Starbucks “tithe” my husband and I had just invested in a great cappuccino machine complete with a built-in milk frother.  Until I was given the sad news (no coffee, no milk), I was in espresso heaven.

Almost immediately, I swapped my daily coffee habit for a more refined one: Chai Tea.  And, of course, I choose the Chai sold at the local Starbucks: Tazo Chai Latte.  I swamped the milk topper for Soy Milk (or soy juice as I like to call it).   Of course, I saw no reason to stop using the Mega-Frother.

But it kept getting clogged which was upsetting my husband. (He traditionally makes his espresso and warms his milk 20 or 30 minutes after I make my tea.)  No matter what I tried, however, I could not clean it sufficiently.  I would try steam, soap and all sorts of combinations but the frother always seemed to have some sort of “grime” or “crust.”  It was frustrating for both of us: I couldn’t get the thing cleaned and he stopped believing me that I was trying.  Finally, my husband, believing that the fault could not be all mine, contacted a chef acquaintance of his.  His friend confirmed that the soy milk was hardening on the frother and causing the clog.  The best option was to stop using the Mega machine.  I was devastated.  How was I going to get my morning Soy milk froth?  My husband, incidentally, thrilled that we solved the mystery; he would not be left with a grimy frother to clean and sanitize.

I started seeking options.  I tried using a hand frother–but it was hard to do and also hard to clean.  So, one of our neighbors suggested that I check out a hand-held battery operated milk frother being sold on

Flash forward one week and I am happier than I was when I was able to drink coffee.  First, of course, I was not nearly as hyper as I was prior to the move to drinking tea. (You saw that coming, right?)  And I have gotten use to the taste of Soy Milk.  But to be fair, I still drink milk–just not in my tea or in cereal.  I can travel with the frother (because it is battery-powered) and although the airlines COULD mistake it for another more personal electronic device, I really don’t care!  I am proud to remove my frother from my carry on bag and declare “It’s my FROTHER people–stop being so crude!”

Most importantly (and of relevance to this post) I am able to warm my Soy Milk and froth it with in 2 minutes of removing the tea bag.  There is barely any clean up too.  I run the frother under running water for 20 seconds and the machine is clean!

This machine not only saved the precious espresso maker, but may have also saved my marriage.  An exaggeration?  If you knew how seriously we take our “morning cup of Joe” you’d understand that having my Soy Milk frother has eliminated a major source of contention in the morning.

Aerolatte Frother with Stand