The Tooth Fairy Has A Sister: The Switch Witch

The Tooth Fairy Has A Sister: The Switch Witch

Just read about the Switch Witch on and just HAD TO SHARE IT!

It’s no secret, we get 400 Trick or Treaters in our ‘hood every Halloween.  And since my child is hitting all of the same houses that the other 400 are visiting, she will be coming home with A TON of candy in which to indulge.  Or so she thinks….

Because the Switch Witch is coming to our house tonight.

Here’s the concept: On Halloween night, after she has exhausted herself by visiting all of the houses on the block, she will come home to count her loot.  Once she has sorted the best and tossed the rest of the gross candy, my daughter will be allowed to keep 10 pieces of the best candy.  She will put the rest of it in a bag and leave it on the porch for our buddy, the Switch Witch!

The Switch Witch is a witch that comes by Halloween night and scoops up the candy that is left on the front porch.  She  leaves behind a small gift in exchange for the candy. While her sister is busy making houses (or whatever she does) with our children’s baby teeth and leaving money in return, the Switch Witch is cleverly taking our children’s candy and leaving them a small gift of love–I’m thinking cool earrings this year.

Tomorrow morning, I will encourage my daughter to take the dog out for her daily constitutional (i.e to pee and poop.)  Low and Behold!  There will be her gift!  A great pair of FABULOUS earrings for her to enjoy and show her friends.  Of course, there will need to be a note explaining why she received this lovely gift (i.e. save her teeth and make sure she doesn’t ruin her braces)  and thank her for giving away the candy.

This year’s Halloween preparations have been bittersweet.  We (accidentally) donated our inflatables and other outside decorations to Good Will.  (I swear it was an accident.)  We didn’t even get a chance to carve all of our fabulous pumpkins.  But the ones that were decorated are AMAZING.  (Make sure you check out Adam’s photos on Facebook tonight.)  We didn’t even coordinate costumes this year.  But…I know that K is going to have a great time trick or treating with her buddies and I can’t get enough of her enthusiasm for the Zombie costume she picked out this year.

Adding the Switch With to the equation is just one way to keep the Halloween spirit alive for one more day of the year!

Pimping my “Passover” Eggs, Easter Style!

Pimping my “Passover” Eggs, Easter Style!

It’s Spring!  The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping (at 6:30 in the morning) and the rabbits have started nibbling on my early lettuce.  And like so many Springs in the past, I am compelled to follow the Passover traditions of not eating anything with leavening while consuming massive quantities of hard boiled eggs.  I get the whole eating of the unleavened starches part (See Exodus in the Old Testament for proof) but, after watching “The 10 Commandments” with Charlton Heston last night, am still a bit confused on the whole “Thou shall consume hard boiled eggs until you can eat no more!” commandment.

Nevertheless, be it a Commandment or a tradition, hard boiled eggs have been made and stacked in my refrigerator for my family to consume through out the week.  (Side note: I really don’t like hard boiled eggs.  They remind me of that movie “Airplane!” when all of the people got sick from eating the fish and all of the sudden eggs came out of their mouths? Weird right?)

So K, who also hates hard boiled eggs, decided we need an infusion of color to encourage us embrace our egg eating tradition.  K’s suggestion was to follow the lead of our Christian brethren and “Color those eggs!”  She decided to call in an egg decorating expert, her best friend (and neighbor E) who happened to be playing at our house when we decided to pull out the Easter Egg dyes and get “cracking!”