Improving My Cutting Skills–The Chicago Way

Improving My Cutting Skills–The Chicago Way

Cutting, chopping, mincing and slicing… All of these actions lead me to the same conclusion: It’s time that I learn how to use knives for more than opening the cellophane wrapped around K’s new DVDs and GameBoy games.  Since I have started doing more cooking in the kitchen, I have also heard my wonderful husband mutter under his breath one or two times “You are USING the WRONG KNIFE!”  So, you can bet that I jumped on the chance to learn more about great knives and their uses.

 I am venturing to The Chopping Block at the Merchandise Mart today to get some lessons on the proper knife technique.  Specifically, I will be using the new Chicago Cutlery® DesignPro™ product.  It’s the latest innovation from Chicago Cutlery.  The knives are designed to have a handle that guides your hand to the best position for superior control and cutting. Hopefully, with the ultra-sharp, Japanese blades, I won’t find myself struggling to not only figure out which is the correct knife to use, but also be assured that I am using a sharp knife to make the cleanest cuts.


In the meantime, I have been looking at pictures of two of the knives online.



I have a feeling that once I have completed the class today, I will be texting my super-fantastic cook of a husband with a request to replace our 15 year-old german knives with these super sleek, sharp and modern ones.


Who knows?  Perhaps with the Chicago Cutlery Design Pro knives, I will do more of the cooking?  Or at least taking the lead for the food prep?  You will be the first to know.