A Dream Comes True at Fantasy Costumes

A Dream Comes True at Fantasy Costumes


Keats Haunted Home_2010

Keats Haunted Home_2010

I like to celebrate the “secular” side of Christmas and the Winter Solstice.  Adam is a lifelong celebrant of Hanukkah.  Yet despite Adam and my differences, when it comes to Halloween, we agree: It’s our favorite holiday!

Going all out for Halloween is nothing new for our family.  Anyone who has seen my office knows that I am “obsessed” with Mexican sugar skulls from the Mexican celebration of  Dia de Muertes.  So, between the inflatable cat, hearse, witch and the spiders crawling up our house, our house is usually pretty decked out. Enter the costume question: Do we dress up as a family or go our separate ways?  In the past Lulu, Adam and I have coordinated our outfits.  One year we were pirates and another we dressed as Neptune, Athena and Medusa.  Can you guess who was who?  (Hint:  I was not the lucky gal to wear a snake headdress.)

Two Pirates & A Ghoul!

Two Pirates & A Ghoul!

Guess who got to be Medusa?

Guess who got to be Medusa?

But this year things are a little different.  Lulu has decided to embrace her inner geek and decided to be “Enderman” from the video game, Minecraft.

Steve & Enderman

Steve & Enderman

One of her besties is going as “Steve” from the same game.  Adam and I have decided to blend our pirate costumes with something a little edgier (and in my opinion, sexier):  We are going as Steam Punk Pirates complete with top hats, feathers, awesome chunky jewelry and, of course, driving glasses!

Top hat + Glasses + Suit = Steampunk

Top hat + Glasses + Suit = Steampunk

Here she is in all of her steampunk glory!

Here she is in all of her steampunk glory!




So where can one go to find a video game costume, a pirate and a steam punk get up? 






When in doubt, we have always turned to Fantasy Costumes, the largest square-footage and costume selection store in the Midwest. Owned by George Garcia since 1965, the 4065 N. Milwaukee main stay has been costuming Chicago natives (and some visitors) for Halloween and Masquerade parties for almost 50 years!  In fact, my parents even shop there in preparation for their Mardi Gras parties. (Yes, they fly in from Maryland just to check out the awesome (and unique) costume options.)


That's my mom with her Medusa wig from Fantasy Costumes.

That’s my mom with her Medusa wig from Fantasy Costumes.

Mr. Garcia has seen it all and consistently stocks his shelves with over 20,000 wigs, 30,000 children’s costumes, and 15,000 adult costumes. Last year, Adam and I took a “field trip” to Fantasy Costumes and bought, among other things, a yellow Angry Bird “head.” And yes, if you happened to been driving down the Edens Expressway and spotted the yellow Angry Bird sitting shotgun in a yellow convertible Porsche Boxster around noon, that was me.  (I wish that I had a camera to catch the hilarious facial expressions of the people who spotted me.)

Amid a sea of pop-up Halloween shops, Fantasy Costumes has been the go-to for everything from classic pirate looks and superhero getups, to the necessary accessories to deck your kids out as the year’s hottest costumes. If you haven’t visited this super store of gore and greatness, it’s worth the field trip!


And….if you happen to mention A Windy City Momma when you visit Fantasy Costumes, Mr. Garcia and his crew will give you a coupon for 20% off of that day’s purchase.

Twenty-Two Things I’ve Never Done

Twenty-Two Things I’ve Never Done

This post was inspired by the Pioneer Woman’s list of the top 22 things that she has never done and by Kat from “Mama’s Losin’ It.” We started counting down the days to my 40th birthday last May.  As the day draws ever closer, I took a moment to list the top 22 things that I have never done and briefly comment on the ones that deserve a few extra words.

Top 22 Things I Have Never Done

(in no particular order)

I am thirty-nine years old.

And I’ve never:

  1. Been to Greece (my all time one place that I must go before I die!)

2. Taken a Chemistry class (or Physics—nope, not even in high school and yes, I did graduate)

3. Hiked the entire Appalachian Trail

4. Had a puppy  (I have only adopted adult rescue dogs)

How Could They Say "No!"

5. Been to the state of Washington (Although I distinctly recall doing a report on Washington in 3rd grade and telling my class that I was going to move there as soon as my parents would let me.)

6. Gotten a tattoo

7. Been lifted and carried in a mosh pit (although I think that I broke a few toes at a Gogel Bordello concert in 2010.)

8. Learned how to drive a standard transmission

Don't Laugh! Yes, that's me behind the wheel of a Porsche (in the driveway.)

9. Seen the Grand Canyon

10. Riden the City of New Orleans (although I know all of the words to the song!)

11. Crapped in the woods

12. Sailed a boat by myself

13. Water skied (but both my 8 y.o. daughter and husband do)

Here is K water skiing for the 1st time.


14. Slept on a glacier

15. Met my favorite recording artist, Peter Gabriel

16. Had a Bat Mitzvah (although I am studying for one now.)

17. Sung a solo in a chorus or choir

18. Had the lead role in a play or other performance (Unless you count the 5th grade lead role of Little Buttercup in HMS Pinafore, which I do not!)

That's me in the middle (Bryn Mawr School, circa 1982)

19. Learned how to play an instrument

2o. Read War and Peace, Jane Eyre or The Fountainhead

21. Broken a window

22. Rolled down the window of my car (at a stop light) and asked someone if they could “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?” Although I have always wanted to do that and, for years, kept a bottle of it in the glove compartment of my husband’s car.

All-in-all, it’s really not too bad a list for almost 40 years of living. I am sure that I could come up with more but these are the ones that first came  to mind.  Now that I have listed them, they can now be added to the ever growing “bucket list” that I keep in my mind.  In the meantime, it’s back to studying my Hebrew for the ever looming Bat Mitzvah in May. Or maybe I’ll just start singing “Memory” from Cats and pretend to “bask in my days in the sun…”