Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

Hebrew Text

Torah! Torah!

The short answer?  Studying Hebrew.  (And yes, I know that it rythmes) It’s the end of January and the big day is on May 26th.  I received my torah portion a few weeks ago and I am beginning to wonder if 5 months is going to be enough time to learn, memorize and clear the linguistic tongue twisters that I have come to know as Hebrew.  Heck, I can’t even master the prayers that are recited before the torah portion is (get this) chanted!

A few weeks ago, while she was on a sugar low (i.e. I forgot to feed the creature) K, my 8 year old, confessed to her father that she thought that there was something seriously wrong with me: “I mean, Dad, she (meaning me) CAN’T even chant the Ve’ahavta!  Everyone knows that prayer!”  I don’t think that she knew that I was listening and to his credit, my husband defended me.  But seriously, that is a REALLY hard prayer to read, let alone remember if you weren’t raised hearing it. But maybe she is right, perhaps I am a Hebrew language idiot?  There are still letters that look the same to me and I can’t seem to remember.  Even my Hebrew teacher has been caught writing out the phonetic pronunciation for me.

Let’s add another layer to the stress, shall we?  The date of my Bat Mitzvah also happens to fall on my 4oth birthday.  No pressure right?  So we are celebrating a double mitzvah!  Not only will I become a woman on May 26th (that’s what happens when you become a Bat Mitzvah–you are told that you are now a woman) but I become a MIDDLE AGED WOMAN!

I’ve gone into my reasons for willingly ensuring this discomfort and embarrassment in another blog post so I won’t bore you again with my reasons.  Let’s just say that at this point not only is getting a Bat Mitzvah a personal goal but it is also proof that I am capable of finishing things that I have started.  Like many women (and particularly, moms) I start a lot of things just to leave them hanging for a bit while I move onto something else.  Completing this “project” will prove to me that I can set a life goal and meet it.

In the meantime, I still have to figure out who I am inviting, design and make the invitations/announcements and, oh yes, find a place to take everyone who is flying in to dinner.  Oh the pressure!  The pressure!