Yes, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me via the “email me” or directly at windycitymomma {at} gmail.com.

If you’re a PR/Marketing representative and are interested in contacting me for the purpose of product reviews, please consider the following:

  • I do not charge for product reviews;
  • However, I LOVE THINGS. I’m a product junkie and can never get enough of lotions, soaps, cosmetics, toys, paper and other crafty items.  If you have a product you think I would like, please contact me and we can talk about a review.
  • When I really love something, I have a habit of “gushing.” (Just ask my husband!)  If I love it, I want to tell the world about it.  I will also   mention if I purchased/found it on my own or if it was sent to me free for review. When I don’t love something, I also talk about it and will always do my best to be honest and fair when disclosing a reason that I didn’t like the item.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that I will always write a review for each product that is submitted. Sorry, “life happens when you’re busy making other plans” and I have a pretty crazy family life.   Also, I can’t review a product without receiving the actual product first.

The Bottom Line:

Yes, I like to travel so please, invite me places.  Even better?  I LOVE to try new things and rarely turn down a fun opportunity. Feel free to show me what you got. In return, I promise you that I will be honest and fair in my reviews.  I’ve been told that I have a high level of integrity and a strong work ethic going for me.  So, if I love you, you will know it. And if I don’t, I will also let you know before I post a review of your product.  Also, if you can’t tell already, I am not afraid to share my opinions: on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few.  I’ve been playing in this sandbox since 2003 and, at this point, I am pretty comfortable with the game.

So, if you (or your client) have a great product, brand or event that think I would be the ideal person to help promote it, I’ll do what I can to help make it happen.

Paid Opportunities

One cannot live on pizza alone–trust me, I’ve tried.  And I also have expensive taste.  So, I will use my brain in exchange for money! But let’s be clear, I don’t feel comfortable getting paid for reviews.  So, let’s chat and determine how we can best work together in a way that is mutually beneficial for both parties, okay?