Young Artists are the Key To Summer Art Festivals

Young Artists are the Key To Summer Art Festivals

ButterflyWe need your help supporting a young artist selling her dynamic photos at at a summer art festival, the Port Clinton Art Festival.   It started as a means to teach Lulu about economics and the difficulty that artists face when trying to sell their work.  But now our little “Kayla Keats Photography” initiative has morphed into so much more.  What started out as taking some pictures at the Chicago Botanic Garden, developing them at Costco and then selling them at the Port Clinton Art Festival in Highland Park on August 23rd and 24th has become a family affair. Flower2 In May, Adam and Lulu decided that they wanted to spend an afternoon together.  (I was all for some Daddy-Daughter bonding time.) So, they grabbed their cameras and took off.  A few hours later, Lulu shot over 200 photos with her Nikon D70.  It took a few weeks but Lulu edited her remarkable photos and dwindled the collection to 12 AMAZING shots.   She decided that she wanted to sell her photos and, hopefully, make enough money to buy herself a new computer for school.  (She starts 6th grade on Thursday, August 21st – just a few days short of Lulu’s 11th birthday.) So, with our encouragement, our young artist paid the entrance fee and became an official exhibitor at the Port Clinton Art Festival. kayla-portclinton-9 As her biggest supporters (and pseudo-benefactors), Adam and I purchased matting and plastic bags.  We helped her price her work so she could recoup our expenses and still make a profit.  And lastly, Adam created a website where she can sell her photos (in addition to the Port Clinton Art Festival) to friends and family who aren’t able to make the event.  

So, now we are asking for your support and help.  Lulu is so excited to exhibit her work and hopes that her friends and local family will attend the fair and support her.  But she is also at an age where she is skeptical that people will actually purchase her art.  Sure, she figures, her parents and grandparents HAVE TO LIKE her photos—we’re related to her.  But Lulu has confessed to me that she isn’t sure that others will feel as excited by her art.  We disagree and hope that you will too. kayla-portclinton-11 Won’t you please log onto and purchase at least 1 or 2 of her pictures? As an added incentive, we have created a promotion that will take 20% off the total cost of your purchase.   Please use PORTCLINTON14 for a 20% coupon.   Please help us support a young artist and her passion for seeing the world through the lens of her camera.   Adam and I appreciate your help and hope that you love her pictures as much as we do!

SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park is Blowing Into The Windy City

SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park is Blowing Into The Windy City


Raise your hand if you'll be there with me!

Raise your hand if you’ll be there with me!

Hey Windy City! SELF Magazine Workout in the Park is Back!

Forget training for a half marathon. Unless it’s a zombie and is chasing me, this girl isn’t into running for the sake of running. Nope!  But I have always wanted to participate in the SELF Magazine Workout in the Park! This year, I got my act together and am super excited to participate in what I consider one of the first true signs of spring!

Bob Harper, trainer from The Biggest Loser, is set to host the (get this!–Has it really been this long?) 21st Annual SELF Workout in the Park this weekend, May 17th from 11:00 am – 3:00pm (rain or shine!)

Workout in the Park with Bob Harper

Workout in the Park with Bob Harper

What: SELF Magazine’s iconic active lifestyle event, Workout in the Park returns to Chicago’s Grant Park. Get psyched to participate in a fun-filled day of invigorating exercise, beauty consultations, healthy treats, and fabulous freebies – all designed to inspire women to re-energize their lives and feel their very best.

What I am dying to try out: High-energy CRUNCH Fitness classes on the Main Stage, to Barre Assets, Yoga and Pilates in the Quiet Zone, to CrossFit in the Reebok Fit Zone.  After last year’s fiasco at the gym where I tried TRX for the first time and fell on my ass—I figure I’m up for anything!

Where the FUN is HAPPENING: Grant Park, Butler Field, Enter at the corner of East Monroe Street and South Columbus Drive, Chicago

WHY:  As if I need to say it:  Because it’s fun, it’s exercise and a great way to spend a Saturday in the Windy City! (Also, it’s a great place for awesome people watching!)

ANYTHING ELSE? Attendees will enjoy exclusive giveaways from SELF Magazine and event partners including CRUNCH, Garnier and Reebok as well as Athleta, Aquaçai, Bai, Ban®, Health Warrior®, Emmy’s Organics, Fitbit®, GoGo squeeZ, KIND Healthy Snacks, popchips®, Truvia® and Victoria’s Secret Sport.

So…what are you waiting for?  Tickets are only $30 for a day’s worth of health and fun.  (And hey!  A one-year SELF Magazine subscription is included with the purchase of every Workout in the Park ticket.

SELF Workout in the Park 5

Now!  Get your ticket and join the fun!  And make sure that you tweet me at @windycitymomma with #WorkoutInThePark so I know that you’re showing SELF magazine that Chicago truly is the hippest, happiest and most fit city in the USA!