Baby corn growing in the field

Baby corn growing in the field


They maybe little now, but this corn will be ready to harvest in Northern IL by the 4th of July!

Gardening Season Never Got So Easy

Gardening Season Never Got So Easy

Lilacs: Signs of Spring

The lilacs are out in full bloom and the air smells sweet with their scent.  It’s gardening, season in Chicago.  And this Windy City Momma has a secret: when I garden, I like to get REALLY, really dirty; no knee pads and gardening gloves for me!  When I get in my garden, I dig for worms, spread the manure with my hands, feet, arms and legs and basically get covered in dirt from head to toe.  Call it a stress reliever for a weary mom or a sick way to embrace my inner child; I really don’t care. Carefree gardening is just plain fun!


My Fledgling Garden

It just so happens that the generous P&G folks at Tide asked me if I was interested in trying out the new Tide Pods (detergent, stain remover & brightener in one) to confirm that Tide could, in fact, get out any tough stain and dirt.

What a great challenge!  Look, I have NEVER been a devout believer that any particular laundry detergent would be able to get my clothes clean after a full day digging in manure, dirt and clay.  I have accepted the fact that some clothes are meant to be discarded after I (literally) roll in the mud for a day. But my husband has sentimental feelings about using Tide.  His mother always uses this particular brand and he loves the scent(s).  I guess it just provokes wonderful childhood memories and when he smells his shirts in the morning, he is instantly happy.  Far be it for me to take this little slice of heaven from him, right?

As for its effectiveness, well, I wasn’t too convinced that one little pod could clean, get rid of stains and brighten my clothes.  I decided too accept the free samples but I would use it to clean my dirtiest and scummiest clothes: the bright fushia sweatpants I wear every year when I plant the garden.  Trust me, when I was done for the day, the pants smelled far worse than they looked in these post-gardening pictures:


Dirt, Rain & Manure = A Cleaning Challenge


Just gross


That's Never Coming Out!


Here it comes to save the day! Tide is on the way!


Wish me luck!


So, you’ve seen the pictures and I have expressed my doubts.   Will a Tide pod be able to get rid of (a) the dirt etc. stains (b) make the pants look like they were new and (c) eliminate the awful manure smell they emitted?

And the answer is:


Need I say more?  I am convinced!  If Tide Pods can get rid of the stains and smell great then I am a believer and a convert.  The Keats can officially be declared a “TIDE Family!”

**Note: Since my daughter found out about my little Tide experiment, I’ve noticed that she has ceased being as careful with her clothes as she was last week. Perhaps the drastic difference between the dirty and clean sweat pants was a bit too effective for her?

 This is a Sponsored post written behalf of Tide Pods. All opinions are 100% mine. Click here if you are interested in getting a Tide Pods sample.  I would love to read about your experiences with the product!