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The Great Gatsby: Who Do You Identify With The Most?

The Great Gatsby: Who Do You Identify With The Most?

Gatsby: Who are you?

On the eve of the release of the movie, can’t help but wonder: Are you a Gatsby, a Nick, a Tom or are you just a Daisy? I am increasingly convinced that I must be a Daisy.

Spring Has Sprung & It’s Time For Fun!

Spring Has Sprung & It’s Time For Fun!


Is Is it possible?  Spring may actually have made its appearance and, let’s be honest, it’s not a moment too soon for this outdoorsy gal.  In the midst of the winter gloom, I often find myself asking: “Why do I live in this dreary, cold and grey wasteland?”  The answer is always the same: It’s the seasons.  And Spring has Sprung!  Thus, my child-like mania kicks in and I am super psyched for 2 great events happening this weekend.  And because I love running into people I know (& love) I wanted to share them with you:

You know that I love buying and eating food that is grown locally, right?  Well, guess what?  The Chicago Green City Market FINALLY moves to its outdoor location.  (In the winter, the market is held at the Peggy Notebaert Museum.)

images-4 The Chicago Green City Market sells local, sustainable food.  In the midst of this cornucopia of food, flavors and colors, the goal of the market is to educate, promote and connect farmers and local producers directly to chefs, restaurateurs and the greater Chicago community.  When Lulu was a baby, I spent many hours strolling through the aisles and aisles of organic and locally grown produce, fresh baked breads and dairy goods pretending that I was a Parisian woman shopping for dinner.  Now that Lulu is a bit older, we grab our Saturday morning breakfast at Abby’s Crepe stand.  Seriously, these are the best crepes that I have ever eaten!  Next, we’ll visit Sunday Dinner where Chefs Christine Cikowski and Joshua Kulp serve up the BEST burgers in the city!  (Hungry yet?)  Usually, well, except for this weekend, Adam goes to the Green City Market with us and keeps us on track and focused on the foods we want to cook for the week.  Since he will be at the Mom 2.0 Summit this weekend, Lulu and I will be left to our own defenses.  So, I anticipate that we won’t come home with too much produce because we will have eaten it all on the way home from the market.  Unless….we stop at the next location on my “Weekend To-Do list.:


Land of nod

I love going to the Land of Nod and was so bummed when it closed its Northbrook Court location.  Interestingly, (at least to me) Adam and my first visit was during their inaugural weekend.  We had just discovered that Lulu was going to be a girl and were jazzed to buy “girly” things.  Adam and I were so impressed with the whimsy of the decor and the inventiveness of the furniture that we promised ourselves that we would decorate Lulu’s nursery based on what we saw at Land of Nod.  It’s hard to believe that she and the store are turning double digits!  And, yes, while some of the activities listed above are a bit “young” for Lulu’s advanced age (i.e. Wiggleworms don’t appeal to 10 year-olds) I know that she will be jazzed to try out the photo booth,  tattoo station and…even if she won’t admit it, boogie to the sounds of Justin Roberts! In any case, it will be a blast to celebrate the store’s birthday with them, don’t you think?

So, can I count you in? How will you be celebrating the first weekend in May?