Hairbrush Stuck In Your Hair?  How To Get Free.

Hairbrush Stuck In Your Hair? How To Get Free.

Help!  There is a hairbrush stuck in my head and I can’t get it out!  Do you have any idea how painful this is? It’s almost as bad as having a baby with no anesthesia.  (I said almost.) Who knew that an innocent plastic, round brush with plastic bristles could cause me such anguish? Of course,  I had just 15 minutes to get dressed and do my hair before my family is supposed to go out for dinner.  And the more I pulled, the more the brush adhered to my head.  This was torture–the worst kind– self administered! And, sorry, even if I wanted to…at the time that this picture was taken, there was NO WAY I could vlog about this experience.

Who needs water boarding when you can have a plastic brush pulling your hair out one by one miserable strand?

Help!  There's something in my hair!

Help! There’s something in my hair!

Don’t ask me how I got the brush stuck in my hair. Something about having fine hair but a lot of it?  All I can tell you is my first inclination was to get a pair of kitchen shears (you know the kind with which you use to cut raw chicken?) and cut off the offending section of hair. So, I did the next best thing; I called Adam and asked for help.  When he arrived in the bathroom (without a pair of scissors) Adam couldn’t help but laugh. I guess the image of me with a brush adhered to my head was too much for him.  But he sobered up as soon as I started crying and begging that he (a) call my mother to get advice about what to do and (b) cut my hair.  He refused to do both stating quite simply that my mother wouldn’t have a clue how to help me and  he was not going to be responsible for my looking like an 80’s rock star.

We called Adam’s hair stylist in Chicago–did I mention that we were in Florida when this trauma occurred?  And left a message on his voicemail.  So much for getting professional help.  We tried “googling” a solution and came up with a variety of answers most of which ended with cutting out the hair.  Finally, we patched together a solution:

Items You’ll Need:

• Baby oil

• Knitting Needle/”Rat tail” comb

• Wide tooth comb

• Shampoo

• Conditioner

The Process: 

1  Find a sympathetic friend who is willing to help you. (At this point, it is also helpful for your friend to bring you a shot or two of whisky or tequila–unless of course if you are under age–or a few Tylenol because this is going to be a really long and arduous process.)

2.  Apply a generous amount of oil (preferably baby) to the tangled area. Dab the oil on the tangle with your fingers but be careful not to rub the hair and tangle it more.

3. Getting strands out takes some time so you’ll need to be patient:

  • Stick the tip of the knitting needle or rat tail comb about 1/4 inch into the end of the brush below the hair & insert it on an upward angle between the bristles so the end pokes out through the hair.  
  • Gently pull and tug upward at the tiny strand and slide the end of the comb back and forth beneath it. 
  • Keep loosening the strand until the end slides out of the bristles.

4. Keep the end of the sharp point underneath the strand of hair and grasp the end of the strand with your fingers. Push away from the end of the strand while lifting it up and away from the brush by the ends.

5. Once a strand is free: Clip it with a bobby pin as not to re-tangle it. (And now for the lengthy part of the process.) Repeat the same procedure you used for the first strand until most of the hair is free or you just can’t stand the pain.  

6. Hopefully most of the hair has come out of the hairbrush and you are left with a matted, knotty strand of greasy, oily hair.

7. Hop in the shower and set it to the highest possible temperature that you can stand.  Lather the hair with conditioner (BE GENEROUS!) and practice some deep breathing exercises as you wait for the conditioner to penetrate your messy hair.  Now use a wide tooth comb to untangle the matted hair.  Gently comb out the knots from the ends working your way upwards as the knots untangle

8. Once the knots are out and you are finally free from the brushes of bondage, rinse everything out of your hair.  Now wash your hair with (preferably) a deep clarifying shampoo. It may take several shampoos to remove all of the oil and conditioner from your hair.

9. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed until your hair is squeaky clean. Finish with a deep conditioner to seal the damaged areas.

We have all done some really stupid things in our time.  Case and point? The forehead hickey Lulu got a few years ago from sticking a small plunger (meant to hold my iPod) on her face:  I guess it was just my turn to do something idiotic, huh?  Watch out Adam!  You’re next!



  • wow this is not helping now my hair is still stuck

    • How long did you let the conditioner remain in your hair? You need to separate the hair one by one. It takes a long time to get your hair out of a brush!

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  • Me

    This happen to but I was the idoit who did it. I wanted to try to make my hair teasedso i used a comb.When i put it in my hair i ddecided to wrap it around the comb and dum idea ended up ripping ALL the hair my thick hair is a little thin now gotta take the Best care of it which mean im going to have to take hair vitamins wash and condition every other let have it natural oil etc. So wish me luck. God bless yall.

  • Connie Solis

    This was so helpful thank you so much…my daughter got her hair tangled in the same kind of brush and we put the baby oil on and let it sit for a bit..then used the tail of the comb and stuck it under hair and lifted little by little and before u know it, the hair is lifted around the brush so u can just take the brush out and then wash and condition hair til the oil is out…. again thank you so much

  • Amanda

    OH thank you SO much for writing this…I just got a comb stuck in my bangs and had a nail appointment in an hour…you are a sweetheart THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Neil

    My wife just experienced this. Thank you for sharing your experience, it was a terrific help. I followed your directions and though I wasn’t sure how baby oil would help (what do I know?) I used it and wa~laa! Problem solved. Another answer discovered by the new action verb in our lexicon “Google” it.

  • Priyanka

    Two hours of struggle and we are still half way. Some urgent work came up meanwhile. So right now I m sitting patiently, waiting for my friend to come. It’s painful and embarrassing 🙁 I just want to thank you for your post, my case is even worst than yours. I have no idea how did it happen. I started with the tip and rolled it till the roots in that unfortunate moment.

  • Tressures Ann Blessing

    Ty thats all I can say .. it hurt so bad ….it took me a pint of blk velvet (WHISKEY) ..AND 2 HOUR BUT IT WORKED PLUS I USED OLIVE OIL ..TY

  • Jenny Motionless

    I should’ve known this before, instead I ended up cutting cutting a big amount of my hair, I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do. Now I have to hide it with the rest of my hair on top of it and hold it with a hair clip.

    • chloe baker

      I have just done the exact same thing as you

    • ScooterGirl

      I always tie my hair back and have for years. Yesterday I got it cut and wouldn’t you know the first time I style it myself I get a round brush stuck in it. Back to tying my hair back if only to cover the missing hunk of hair!

  • Izzy

    I literally was doing my hair and next thing you know I have plastic brrissles digging into my head

  • Pingu

    I did this when I was a kid! I always saw my mom blowing her hair dry while curling from end to root with a big round brush. Little did I know that this is done with the large round natural bristle brushed. NEVER EVER the small plastic round comb brushes…. lesson learned. I wish your advice were around back then! 5th grade- my waist-length hair got chopped to a very unflattering bob (not the best look for superfine, stick-to-your-face, ears-poking-out type hair).

  • Lisa Benedix

    The way we got the hair off the brush slightly easier without oil is to pull all the teeth in the brush out with needle nose plyers. This will destroy the brush but at that point I was desperate and didn’t give 2 shits for the brush anymore. At the end it appeared I had a big knot but I just unrolled it from inside and it all came out. Along with the hair that I left on the brush so that made me think I lost a lot of hair but I didnt. Just pull the teeth of the brush out. Makes a mess and takes time but it’s the less invasive method for your hair .

  • canardnoir

    With long hair, you are simply begging for trouble in the name of vanity.
    Had this happened on a weekday morning, someone would be heading out in public with their home-made burka in place!