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Binge Eating: Not Just for Women

Binge Eating: Not Just for Women

Binge eating isn’t just a “woman’s” problem: both women and men struggle with emotional issues that can lead them to “stuff” their feelings by grabbing food.  Personally, I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  Some people have said, “Well, no wonder you have a hard time staying skinny, you’re a foodie!”  But being a “Foodie” and being “Obese” do not have to be “siblings.”  Yes, it is possible to enjoy food without being overweight or obese.  (Just look at my husband as proof.) But for those of us who turn to food for emotional support, obesity is an eventuality.

My friend, Andrew Walen, a psychologist in MD, was recently featured on the Today Show because of his willingness to share his struggle with food and with weight.  Because I know quite a few people who struggle with this challenge, I  decided to share his segment:

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I am back on track today (Monday) and have started tracking my food and exercise.  Seeing Andrew was a good reminder for me of the things that I must to do combat my emotional eating: like taking a break from the computer and going for a bike ride with my daughter.  And that is what I am about to do right now! 

What do you do to avoid “Emotional Eating?”


The Pantry Gets a “Back-To-School” Makeover

The Pantry Gets a “Back-To-School” Makeover

The rumors are true!  A Windy City Momma TOOK the summer off!  But now that the kid is back from camp and the house is a mess, so it’s time for A Windy City Momma to get back to work!

My first project: A Chaotic Pantry.

As self-proclaimed “Foodies” who love to cook as much as we love to eat out (okay, he cooks and I eat), we have quite a collection of FOOD! There’s only one slight problem, there is so much shoved in our narrow but deep pantry that I can’t tell what’s actually in there.  As a result, I continue to buy the same “stuff” because  I can’t find what I need in the pantry.  So I asked Organizer Sandy, an incredible resource and lovely lady, how I should start this daunting project.   She tweeted that I must: “Take everything out of the pantry.”

Yesterday, I decided to dive in and take her advice.  The first step was to figure out what I already had and what, if anything, I really needed. In the end, I wound up learning quite a bit about my family’s eating habits and about me! First the Wordless Wednesday pictures:


Actually, no one (including me) can find anything in the pantry because there is just too much in there. So, I decided to get organized…

The Pantry: Cleaned and Cleaned Out

Yeah, about that…



Seriously, it took me eight hours and a very long and involved trip to The Container Store to conquer the Foodie’s Pantry.

One question….

Step 3: Keep it that way!

So what did I learn?

  1. Our family loves storage containers (tupperware, sandwich bags, gallon sized plastic bags etc.)  We have so many of them that I decided to get rid of a lot.  They were out of control
  2. We drink A LOT of tea including green, white, black, chai, diet, ginger, dandelion and the list goes on and one.  And, since purchasing the Keurig, I have even more tea and have added all sorts of coffees to my selection.  (Note to self: DO NOT BUY ANYMORE TEA!)
  3. We love peanut butter and can’t seem to stop buying it
  4. We love sugar, flour, pasta and rice (including risotto):  I had to donate quite a bit of unopened dry products just to be sure that we had enough room in the pantry for what was already opened.
  5. We love spices and nuts.  I could have dedicated an entire shelf to these dried goods
  6. We don’t eat a lot of salty, crispy snack foods but BOY (!) do we LOVE chocolate!  We have a huge assortment of bittersweet, semi-sweet, dark, milk, white, powdered, hot, cold and chunked chocolate.  It may be time to investigate how old some of the cooking chocolate is and get rid of the chunks left over from our “dating years.” (Almost 15 years ago.)
  7. We have too many canned tomatoes and not enough tomato soup (or any soup for that matter.)
  8. We really need to stay away from bulk stores like Costco, or Sam’s Club.

Project “Get the House Ready for School” continues.  After finishing the pantry, I decided that I needed to take a few days off and concentrate on my writing. Baby step…baby steps People!

Next stop?  The bathroom shelves and drawers–I have heard that there are some scary prescriptions hanging around since the 1990’s.  Tsk, tsp….