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“The Crate” Or How Urban Legends Get Started

“The Crate” Or How Urban Legends Get Started

The weather has been stellar in Chicago this week and the neighborhood kids have started emerging from their houses to play together outside.  Our house tends to be party central for K and two of her neighborhood buddies. Here is living proof that sometimes spending too much time with her mother can get K into some hot water:

Neighborhood Girl (NG): Mrs. K?  What do you put in that giant metal cage* you keep in your basement?

(*Note: We lock our dog in the crate for her safety when we are not in the house.  She get’s too nervous if she is left alone and the vet recommended it.)

Me: Oh?  That thing?  We put K in there when she is misbehaving.  It’s perfectly safe.

NG:  (To K) Is that true?  Does your mom really lock you in that cage?

K:  Oh yeah!  Tons of times!  (Whispering to her friend) I think that she likes to put me in there.

NG:  Uh, Mrs. K?  I think I hear my mother calling me to come home for dinner.

(Note: It was 3:00 in the afternoon.  Unless it’s a holiday, who has dinner at 3:00?)

Yup.  I wonder if NG will be venturing over to my house any time soon?  If you know my daughter, husband or me, you also know that there is NO WAY that K WOULD EVER be locked in a cage!  As if!  She’d figure out how to get out of it in 5 minutes!  🙂

A Dog & Her Crate

Now, her locking me in the cage, well, that is another story.  Just Kidding!