Updated Look & Updated Me

Many thanks to Julia Roy who recently confirmed for me what I was already thinking: If you don’t like the way that your blog looks, you won’t be inclined to write anything.

Well, she was correct.  I haven’t enjoyed the look of my blog site for some time and as such, haven’t really wanted to write.  But, as you might have noticed, I have updated it a bit and made it more Renee-styled.

As we count down the days to BlogHer2011, I am inclined to post more and more.  I have always hated it when someone asks me what my blog is about and give them the deer in the headlights look.  Uh…. I really don’t know?  What I do recognize is what my blog is not about or who it is not for. (Double negative?)

I am not looking to make $$$.  I was never trained in marketing and feel that it is best to leave the social media marketing with my husband.  I am not trying to sell anything that I have made.  But I do like sharing products and things that I have found.  I am not good at couponing, finding coupons or deals etc.  But I would encourage you to check out The Coupon Queen or Dian’s Deals, two of the websites that I frequent.

With that, I would love it if you choose to follow me and, even better, if you decide to comment on my site.


The Windy City Momma

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