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Silly Bandz: What to do with them when the fad fades?!?

It’s the rage:  Silly Bandz(tm) are collected by the hundreds!

If you have a child over the age of four, you probably have Silly Bandz in your house too.  For the uninitiated, silly bandz are colored rubber band bracelets that come in different shapes:  zoo animals, farm animals, pets, dresses, magic wands … you name it.  I even saw one in the shape of the Statue of Liberty.  They are affordable (between $2.99 for a packet of 24 to $5.99 for the glow in the dark or tie dye style.) and can be purchased at your local corner Walgreens, CVS or pharmacy.  My daughter recently cashed in a month’s worth of her allowance for five different packs and has been trading them with her friends all summer.  A friend of mine said silly bandz have been “outlawed” in her son’s elementary school because the trading has become too disruptive.  So, if they are so popular now, you can guess what is coming… they’ll be uncool in another week or month as another affordable product becomes the “in” thing to have.

And then I am left with about 200 silly bandz floating around my house with which to either do something or throw away.  Thus the point of my blog today: Ten Great Ideas for what to do with Silly Bandz when the trend has passed:

  1. Ponytail holder: If you have long hair, they are great substitutes for the average holder. do not pull on your hair and last for at least a week or two (depending on the frequency of use) before snapping.  I figure, once my daughter is no longer interested in her collection, I will be set for the rest of the year.  As long as you don’t mind having florescent, tie dye, or glow in the dark pony tail holders, think about the money you save.

2. Business card/playing card holders

3. Tie up the trash

4.Tying up my flat iron’s electrical cord so it doesn’t melt while the iron is cooling.

5. Container holders: wrap around plastic containers when you packed just a bit too much left overs and can’t get the lid on without some assistance.  You can even color or style code the bandz based on the type of left over you are saving: Ex: a pig silly bandz for pork chop left overs anyone?

6. Carabiner — Because they can stretch, I use them to connect my daughter’s water bottle to her backpack.

7. Doggie poop bag holder– Wrap some around your plastic bags and the dog leash when taking the dog for a walk

8. Emergency jump rope– Stretching it a bit aren’t I? :)

9. Holding pens and pencils together in your purse

10. Bookmark– makes a colorful and creative bookmark

A few friends offered some other suggestions–practical and non-so practical.  But I would love some suggestions for what I can do with the ever growing, multiplying collection.  I am afraid that one by one, my daughter is going to sacrifice her soon-to-be-outdated accessory to our Roomba!

What’s your angle? Where’s your voice?

A blogging Mom confesses the truth

Who are you?  What do you stand for? What’s your angle?  About what topics do you blog? Being a mom? Wii Fit? German Shepherds? Working full-time? Sailing?  How about being an East Coast transplant living in the Mid-West? I don’t know!

Look, I have had this blog site for over a year and I have yet to develop a “voice”.  I am not overly fashionbable nor have I lost a ton of weight.  Yes, I shop with coupons and look for the best price for items while surfing the net.  And I am a Mom.  I love to read, knit, crochet, scrapbook, sail, play with my dog, travel…. you get my point, right?

I guess I struggle with what it means to have a “voice.”  Do I want people to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and other social media venues?  Sure, if they are interested in what I have to say. But I have realistic expectations– I am just an average mom working to raise an ethical and socially conscious child without putting too much pressure on her to be like me or to succeed.  I am happily married to a Social Media “guru;”  my words and never his.  I would love to be part of his world but I recognize that there is very little about me that is marketable or even interesting to companies.

But this is what I am: I am love.  I love.  I love listening to people and their opinions (even when I don’t necessarily agree with them).  I love trying new products, clothes, food and places.  I love my family, my friends and my pets.  And I really enjoy reading your opinions about what I write.

So, here is my final thought for the evening.  My blog may not have a spin. But it is about the things that I enjoy, the products that I buy and my reflections on what I have seen and heard.  I almost always have one or 2 adventures every day and I try to live my life to the fullest.  I’ll try not to bore you, dear reader, but I can’t promise that I will save you any money, promote the ideal work out routine or communicate the best recipe for salsa (although I do have a good recipe.)

I’m off to BlogHer 2010 in few weeks and, to be quite honest, I am not sure why I am going.  Most of the folks who will be in attendance will have been sponsored by one company or another.  Others will have more than 5000+ people following their tweets or are listed as their friends on Facebook.  I am going because I want to learn about the world of blogging.  And if I am lucky, maybe I will meet a friend or 2 while I am there.  If I don’t go, I will never know what I could have learned or who I might have met.  If I go, I may find myself adding “blogging” to the growing list of things that I love to do.