Save the Earth: One Aveda Customer at a Time

I am a huge fan of Aveda.  Anyone who knows me that I am a true blue Aveda girl.  Sure, a bottle of large hair conditioner can cost a girl but, if it saves the purple stripe in my hair, then it is worth it. But this tale is not about Aveda (however it does play a role.)

Yesterday, I stopped by my local Aveda store in the mall for a cup of tea and to purchase some moisture saving product: Damage Remedy. Anyway, it is important to point out that I was wearing one of my “peace-nic” save the earth t-shirts we wanna-be Quakers seem to be purchasing in bulk these days.  My shirt appropriately said something like “There is no way to peace, peace is the way…Live simply in order to simply live, reduce, reuse, recycle” etc.  So you can imagine my surprise when I spotted two “mature” ladies shuffling through the store virtually torturing the sales girl with ridiculous questions about this cream and that shampoo and does the bath salt truly contain salt?

In the back of mind, I was thinking, “Oh crap.  I need to get home.  Maybe I should just can it and get my butt home before Adam and Kayla beat me home?”  But I decided to hang in there; just to see how this scene would play out.

The two witches hobble to the counter and immediately ask the sales girl “So how much is this junk going to cost me?”  Oh! NO SHE DIDN’T!  Remember, I am a tried and true AVEDA girl and she is calling my product “junk.”  I, again, ask myself what these two ladies are doing at Aveda?  It turns out that Witch #1 received a birthday card in the mail offering her a 5% discount on her next Aveda purchase and a free Sensual journey.  As the sales girl wraps up the sale, she asks the ladies “Would you like to help the environment by choosing not to get a bag for your purchases?”  Instead if saying “No, thank you. I could really use the bag to hold my (Depends, Reading glasses, coupons) she tells the girl “I don’t care about the environment. I’ll be dead before anything happens to the world. I could care less.”  At first thought that this was a joke but realized that she was serious.  She (first) did not give a shit about the environment and (second) was really that obnoxious–this was no act. So the foolish salesgirl continues on this path of questioning despite her first attempt to decrease her carbon footprint and offers to the witch “but what about me?  What about your grandchildren?Don’t you care what happens to us?”  (As if this one person’s decision to have a paper bag will make a huge difference?)  The customer replies “I’ll be dead before any of this matter.  No, I don’t care what happens.”

Okay, so I figure that the conversation has ended and thought that the two ladies would leave the store not understanding its purpose but feeling righteous by receiving a free present.  But, the nacent salesgirl offers the old bitty a “sensual journey?  All you will need to do is take a seat and..” She is immediately interrupted and told that she (the customer) knows that this is all a scam and she doesn’t have tine for this nonsense of sitting down.  Now, I am thinking “Cool, now I can get my stuff aka: junk” and at the same time : What is this old lady doing in Aveda?”  She is dressed in old lady drab (not a cotton clothing article to be found and doesn’t seem to have a clue.

The ladies depart and as they are almost halfway out the door, I of course, open my big mouth and yell “I guess someone did not get her Prunes today, did she?”

I despise people being rude to sales folk who want to help or assist them instead of so many others who could care less.  I wanted to do something for this girl– a hug, a smile or even a giggle.

Don’t think for a second when I left that store, the 2 biddies had scrambled out of site.  I was dying for a confrontation inspite of my hippy shirt.  These ladies deserved a formal tongue lashing!  What a bad impression to leave on our young adults!

I was left with my friend, MK,’s favorite word for describing how the locals feel about themseleves because they live in this area: Entitled.  I am still asking “What are they entitled to that us other working dorks are not so lucky to receive?”  I have no answer tonight but I am still on my quest for the truth about this area.

  • I have no doubt you actually have soulmates in your neck of the woods, they may just be harder to find. There’s a lot to be said for living in the armpit of the North Shore (as I do) in that I encounter a lot less Attitude. Maybe that would change if I spent more time at the mall.

    Every place has it’s pros and cons, though.

  • Thanks for much needed laugh today 🙂 I can totally see you doing that! (and they deserved it, and more…)