If she only knew her power

“Momma!” she cried when I came into the house after a long, stressful day.  If she only knew…

What joy she brings to those around her just be expressing her love of life?

How much I look forward to her hugs and kisses and never want them to end?

How truly magical it is to just take some time out of the day and share our dreams?

That I love helping her get dressed in the morning and wish that it would never end?

I sleep much better when she is curled in my arms, snoring?

Cuddling and watching movies together?

Does she know how scared I was that I would be the worst mother? Does she know how scared I was of children before she taught me how to play again?

Okay, so maybe this isn’t my usual complaining blog about some injustice to women or a store’s inability to assist customers.  But today’s post is pretty important to me. If Kayla knew how much I love spending time with her and how hard it is to say goodbye each morning when she leaves for camp or when I leave for work, she wouldn’t doubt for a minute for the rest of her life that her mother loves and admires her.  How blessed I feel to have this wonderful person in my life.

  • http://boyfriendplease-sailorgrl.blogspot.com/ sailorgrl21

    You ARE an amazing mom! We are SO blessed to have the children we do. Great post! Love ya much!

  • http://musingsmom.blogspot.com MusingMom

    That is what Motherhood is all about! :-)