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LUSH- Good smelling and Good for the Earth

Yesterday, my daughter asked me if Mother Nature worked for Father Earth. Interesting, I wanted to explain that they were the same thing and that there really isn’t a Father Earth.  But her reasons for asking had more to do with saving and being more globally aware so I left it alone for now.  

But she left me thinking about what I was doing to help sustain better foods, leave less of a carbon footprint..yada, yada, yada and then I went to take a shower. As I pondered the conversation using my amazing KARMA soap from Lush.  I decided to check out their website and see what THEY were doing.  This is what I found and what I would like to share with you.  Looks like Lush is holding a fabulous contest this spring and I wanted to help spread the word (a) because I love their products (b) because if you are reading my blog I probably have some form of affection for you and (c) because I would love if someone who I am connected to actually won one of the prizes.  There is nothing in it for me.  No one contacted me and asked me to blog on the contest.  I just thought that it is a great idea and I wanted to share it.  Here are the details…


Show us how you make a difference in your community; make the world greener and a more beautiful place.

Tell us your stories and show us your green thumb: what did you do with your seed bomb? How do you help in your community garden? How do you participate in an act of greening your community (and yes, watering the office plants and efforts around your workplace do count!)?

How it Works

ENTER — Read though this overview and contest rules, then complete our online entry formthat includes open-form questions about what you are doing to help make our world more beautiful. Voting starts April 20, we will accept entries throughout the entire contest period. You can see a sample entry here.

GET VOTES — Next, tell all your friends, family and all about the contest and encourage them to visit and vote for you. (Renee Here: You need not vote for me because I am not participating.  I want YOU to!) Your supporters can vote once per IP address per day.

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS — Everyone can see how you are doing by checking out the Green Graph next to your contest entry. The more green showing, the better your chances to make it to the final round. Online voting ends on June 21.

How We Pick the Winners

After our customers and online visitors have had their say, the top 15 percent of all the vote getters will be our finalists. Then, the LUSH Team will review these entries and select the top 10 Green Thumbs.

The Big Announcement

We will announce the top 10 winners online on June 29, 2009.

The Prizes

We will award 10 eco-friendly prizes for the top 10 Green Thumbs.

Grand Prize

Two Bicycles (retail value of $500 each):
One grand prize winner will be selected from the top green thumbs in Canada 
One grand prize winner will be selected from the top green thumbs in U.S

First Place Prizes

Four Gardener’s dream gift sets 
Two winners will be selected from the top green thumbs in Canada
Two winners will be selected from the top green thumbs in the U.S.

The perfect tool to keep your hands, feet and body silky smooth after a long day in your garden:


Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter Fair Trade foot lotion
Helping Hands hand cream Volcano foot mask
Dream Cream body cream Paradise Regained moisturizer
Fizzy O’Therapy bath bomb Breath of Fresh Air toner
Tisty Tosty bath bomb Soft Touch body butter
Honey Bee bath bomb Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar
Fig N Leaves soap French Kiss bubble bar
Sandstone soap  


Second Place Prizes

4 summer gift sets
Two winners will be selected from the top green thumbs in Canada
Two winners will be selected from the top green thumbs in the U.S.

The perfect tool to keep your hands, feet and body silky smooth after a long day in your garden:


Ring of Roses butter cream Potion Lotion body lotion
Amandopondo bubble bar Dream Time bath melt
Auntie Pamela bubble bar Godiva solid shampoo bar
Tisty Tosty bath bomb Karma solid Shampoo bar
Softy bath bomb      

And that’s it.  Again, nothing in it for me but a great idea and a wonderful product. More soon!



Bohemian Soap     



Dada, dada, dada…They say it’s your birthday!

It’s time to be a grown up and admit, perhaps for the first time, my birthday is a really big deal to me.  Yes, I want the balloons, the well wishes, the flowers and a party thrown for me.  Do I want to tell anyone that this is what I want?  Heck No!  How can I be a professional Martyr if I tell people what I want?  Where is the fun in that? 

This year, my birthday fell on the day after Memorial Day and the weather, for lack of a better word, sucked.  We couldn’t sail the day before and I was starting to feel like I was coming down with a cold.  I tried to be a good sport about it, it’s just another day in the life, right?  But I wanted something good to come out of my special day.

Let’s add a bit more information to give this tale some depth: For almost a year, I have wanted to be the “Mystery Reader” for Kayla’s Kindergarten class.  But I have horrible work hours and I am lucky to get all of the MOM things that I have to do each day let alone leave my office early to read to her class. I finally manipulated my schedule for an afternoon, contacted the teacher and had my name is placed on the calendar.  I figured what better way to celebrate “my special day” but with a group of 5 and 6 year olds. WHO WAS I KIDDING?  ME, obviously.

Apparently there was a scheduling mistake and 2 mystery readers were scheduled for the same day.  Some kid’s grandmother  refused to give up her prime 2:00 p.m. spot so I (one of the mothers with limited availability, clearly) can read to the class.  And thus I accepted the much more painful and less respected role of 2nd reader of the day.  To make the experience just a little more painful, Kayla has chosen the most ridiculous book for me to read from her collection: Shake Them Halloween Bones.  (Remember, it is still May here in the frozen tundra not matter what the weatherman says.)  

And…Yes, the cold is now fully implanted in my chest and I have lost my voice. Not a little bit.  Not Demi Moore-sexy lost voice but smoker for 60 years lost voice. When I could make a sound, I sounded horrible.  And, did I mention that it was raining? Do now I am wet, sick and trying to swallow my pride because I am going to have to read this stupid (there is no other word for it) book to a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds (mostly boys) who have already sat through Walter the Farting Dog–to my dismay.  Let’s be honest, Shake them Halloween Bones (in May) ain’t got nothing on Walter the Farting Dog. 
But wait!  There is more!  The teacher who is ALWAYS there and maintains some order has elected to go to a funeral rather than stay for the Halloween book.  There is a college student subbing for the day and the kids are wild.  She cannot maintain order and there is sheer madness in the classroom prior to my entrance. This, I knew, was going to be REALLY bad.  And it was.
Fast forward to me sitting in one of those little kid chairs that make me  look like a giant pretzel-human thing.  Despite being almost on top of me, the kids can’t hear me because there is no voice to be heard, are screaming over me and asking challenging questions like: “Why does Little Red Riding Hood look like that?  Everyone knows that she is not black?” My response, at least in my head:  “Haven’t you heard of imagination people?  Come on!  You are 6!  Open your minds a bit!”
So kids are firing off questions and my precious child has decided that this would be an ideal time to climb on my lap, try her hand at reading the book and simultaneously put (her) hand down my shirt and to pull on my bra straps. (Remember, I couldn’t yell or threaten because (a) for some reason that I am still trying to figure out, I am trying to make a good impression in front of these little ankle biters and (b) I have no voice in which to yell or do anything else.   Let’s just say, it was not an ideal moment in my life.  BUT are you ready for the kicker?
THIS WAS HOW I DECIDED TO SPEND MY BIRTHDAY! Yes, idiot that I am, I thought that it would be FUN to read to Kayla’s class and celebrate my birthday with the ungrateful bunch!  Next time, please remind me that a facial, manicure and massage is a much better way to celebrate and less emotionally, physically and spiritually draining! 
I could have gone home and at least had a drink but I stopped drinking a few months ago.  I can’t drown my sorrows in cake or cookies because I have sworn off processed foods.  What’s a girl to do?
I sat down at the kitchen table and cried.  And a really good cry was absolutely what the Birthday Doctor ordered. 
I can honestly say that this is one birthday that I am really happy is over.  I think that I am going to find a random day in October and try this birthday thing again. And I will absolutely NEVER be a MYSTERY reader for a Kindergarden class again!