Sorry I’ve Been AWOL

I’ve had a busy couple of months, what with the holidays and all. I’m actually just getting over a major ear infection — had a fever for 5 days with 2 trips to the doctor!

I had a very nice Thanksgiving at Auntie Nay’s house and then Hanukkah was great — I’m only into one present per night (my choice) — and had some great gifts like my Dyson from Bari & James, a bed for my Cabbage Patch Baby from Grandma and all sorts of other goodies from Mommy, Daddy, Barbie, Dickie, Aunt Gretchen, Uncle Stosh, Cousin Sammy and my Uncle Lane and his mom Michelle.

But today, I’m writing as it’s a monumental development in my life. At 7:10 this morning, on Jan. 17, 2006, I, Kayla Keats, peed in the potty for the first time. Mommy and Daddy were very excited — Daddy gave me an extra cookie from the batch of Bittersweet Chocolate Cookies we made yesterday from Mario Batalli’s Babbo cookbook. Grandma also shared in the excitement — she’s rushing out this week to make sure she has her own potty for me at her house. Barbie and Dickie will also need to get one as I’m planning to see them in mid-February since Mommy and Daddy are going to cousin Wendy Rosen’s art show in Philadelphia.

I’m loving school and the house. Terrorizing Sabine is my new pet project. I think I’m aging her 3x as fast by trying to catch her and kiss her. I still don’t understand why mommy and daddy won’t let me put my stickers on her!