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Out of Control Fun

Saying that I’m having fun with my cousin Sammy and Aunt Gretchen this weekend and into the early part of this week is an understatement. The fun and excitement they’ve brought with them (not to mention some delicious 100% natural maple syrup from upstate NY) is unsurpassed in my nearly two years of existence. Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Gretchen all are sort of throwing their hands in the air as I’m REALLY starting to get my way (note to all you readers: i am indeed actually awake and taking time to post this at 9:14 PM tonight, a good 2 hours after I should be in bed.

Here’s a quick picture of Sam and me from our ride in the red wagon yesterday at Ravinia. Although it’s not in this picture, I spent a good part of the afternoon pulling my 40-lb.+ cousin and the wagon up and down the street — loving every minute of it. I’m sure Mommy or Daddy will be posting something about that in the next few days.

Some new pics

Just a couple new pictures of all of us: