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Today I am 2

Kayla turns 2So I made it — two years old. And for my second birthday, Daddy made me a cake, which as a well-mannered girl, I was eager to share with both Daddy and Mommy. Even though I came down with a cold today (and was up all night watching TV in bed with Mommy and Daddy), it was a great day. We started out this morning with a short trip to the park where I played on the slide and swing and played catch with Daddy. Then we came home for a nap and after lunch, Daddy and I went to the Jewel for some shopping and a birthday balloon (it’s a yellow smiley face with red lipstick kisses).

I’ve heard from lots of people today, either by phone or by mail. Grandma, Barbie, Gretchen, Sammy, Michaela, Zach, Auntie Nay, my Ritter cousins, Bari and James and Carol Z. But a special thanks goes to my mommy, who of late has been putting up with quite a bit of my ‘tude as I mature a bit. Thanks, Mommy. I love you.

I can’t believe she’s 2

Took the day off of work today to spend it with Renee and Kayla for Kayla’s second birthday. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since the big tomato dinner with Brad and Karin that sent Renee into labor only hours after the last of the 8 courses. Yet again, on August 25, here we are roasting tomatoes and finding ourselves incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful young person in our lives everyday. Her smile is infectuous, her words and sentences (and demands) becoming clearer every day, like, “Daddy, more cheese pasta” referring to more grated Parm for her angel hair. Or that while talking to Bari tonight, she had no trouble connecting her voice to the name and that although James was out for a run, Kayla kept asking to talk to him during her call with Bari.

I know Renee and I lived a wonderfuly fun life before 8/25/03, but the joy we’ve had since then has compounded every day, taking a small and wonderful baby growing her into a person with more determination than Renee and me combined.

Kayla, we love you. Happy 2nd Birthday from your Mommy and Daddy!