Cows Poop

I’m definitely a big fan of the farm. Whether it’s sitting on the couch watching my Baby MacDonald A Day on the Farm DVD or heading over to the real farm at the Lincoln Park Zoo, this summer is all about farms. Mommy and Daddy have been trying to teach me about some of the fruits and vegetables that come from the farm when we go to the Farmer’s Market. Right now, they’re saying that the beets are great — some are red, some are gold and some are inbetween. Some are big, some are small, some are round and some are long — so I’m learning about shapes and sizes. Windmills too!

So yesterday, we got to the farm at the Zoo in time to watch them milk the cows. And while they were milking the cows (2 of them), right in the middle of the milking and the “talk”, the cow pooped!

So when I saw grandma later in the day (she took us all to the Skokie Water Playground), when she asked me about the farm and what the cows did at the zoo yesterday, I gave her the 411. “Cow poops grandma,” I said. Grandma thought this was SO FUNNY she could barely stop laughing.

The pool was a lot of fun — then Grandma took us to Hackney’s for dinner which was delicious. More later — got to watch my Farm DVD now.