Archives for January 2005

Well, we’re back from a wonderful week in Naples, Florida with Brad and Karin. We had a wonderful time, rollerblading, playing mini golf and of course, enjoying our 1 1/3 lb. lobster tails from CostCo on New Year’s Eve! You can see some of the pictures we took of Kayla here.

For me, perhaps the most exciting part of the week was that Kayla clearly has learned how to say Daddy. Specifically, she says da-DEE, just like mo-MEE, with clear emphasis on the second sylables. We’re starting to wonder if Kayla will excel in French.

The roughest part of the trip was the first two nights, as we struggled to find a spot in the condo where Kayla would sleep. She settled on the laundry room – her first overnight experience in such a place.