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Happy Halloween

Time for some pictures of me from Halloween!

Here I am with Daddy in my giraffe costume getting ready to go trick or treating.

Here I am at Didier Farms helping mommy and daddy pick pumpkins.

“Cheese!” Or should I say “Green Pepper”?

Pulling the wagon in for our pumpkins. Don’t you just love my poncho? Thanks for making it for me Grandma!

Oh my goodness…

Lovin’ school; Lovin my new house

Well i am definitely loving the new things that are happening in my world. Mommy just got a new job (that is one where she drives to an office in Arlington Heights every day) and for me, it’s been just as exciting because I now go to a school in Highland Park every morning. It’s a great place and I’m making new friends. Sometimes I play in the balls and yesterday, I collected some leaves for mommy and daddy. I get to paint and do arts and crafts — and later this week we’re making banana bread. Tomorrow is our Fall Harvest Costume Party and I’m going as a frog. I’m going to be a giraffe on Monday and that should be a lot of fun. Daddy and Mommy are both going to leave work early on Monday so that I can go trick-or-treating. I’ll be sure to put up some new pictures of me in my costumes too.

My new house is also a lot of fun — i’ve been finger painting in the bathtub everytime I take a bath and love it. I’m also developing a nice morning routine — get up, get dressed, go downstairs and watch the Wiggles or Blues Clues while mommy and daddy take showers and get ready for work. Monday night, i helped daddy cut some lettuce from our garden that he and mommy had with a salad.