Archives for August 2004

Sitting in the kitchen, eating cantaloupe and blueberries may sound like paradise to most, but to Kayla, it is torture. She would rather be crawling all over the living room and getting into trouble. Today, Kayla and I are having a “stay-at-home” day. She will have a nap at 8:30 this morning and then we will go to the gym for an hour or two. This afternoon, we will stick around the house and clean up in preparation for Barbie and Dickie’s arrival. Right now she is “squealing and chirping” in her highchair. I think that she is trying to signal that she is ready to get down and explore a little. Kayla is crawling everywhere. As soon as she sees Sabine, she’s off to pull the cat’s fur and screech at her. It is going to be a fun day!

We’re rapidly encroaching on a year since the most wonderful experience we’ve both ever known came into our lives. Personallly, I’m finding it a bit sad that we’re just 13 days from the one year mark — I can’t believe all the time that has gone by.

Yesterday was the official one-year portrait day, attended by Kayla, mommy and grandma. Here are the three poses: