Archives for March 2004

I once read a saying that went something like this, “You never know love for your child until you are up at 3:00 a.m. with her.” Uh, I think that I might disagree with this saying. Kayla and I are in Baltimore this week to “assist” my mother with her recovery from foot surgery. And Kayla and I are up. We have been up since 2:30 EST. In fact, I am wondering if we ever really slept at all. I am running on pure adreniline and I cannot image what Kayla is running on except pure will to torture me for taking her from home.

Anyway, so I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I forgot her sleep form (which she has slept on since practically birth) and she is not taking to the pack-n-play. I put her in bed with me but she didn’t go for that either. The way that the bed is positioned makes it hard for either of us to get comfortable. For some odd reason, the sheets were not tucked in and I find myself feeling like I am the butt of some sort of camp joke. (Re: short sheeting the bed.) The cd player does not work and therefore I cannot play any of the cds that she normally falls asleep to. I tried the radio and that doesn’t seem to be putting the kid to sleep either. Where is Debussy when I need him? Anyway, so I went to fix Kayla a bottle but for some odd reason there are none here. So I tried my 6 year old nephew’s sippy cup–MAJOR mistake! There is now nasty smelling formula all over my bed, Kayla and me. GREAT! So here we are, Kayla’s not sleeping; I can hear her in the pack-n-play playing with her pacifier. I am not exactly sure what to do. I would take her out and drive around for a bit but my parents have their burgular alarm on and I am afraid that we will wind up setting it off. So we are stuck here.

You know, I really want to be touchy-feely about this experience. I am supposed to embrace these moments of holding my daughter and cuddling with her now because she won’t want to do it at 13 (or even 5 for that matter.) But, I could really use some sleep over cuddling at this point. I know that this moment will pass and I should try to enjoy it while I have it. But come on! She has been crying, complaining, laughing and rolling all over the place for over 3 hours non-stop!

The sun is bound to rise eventually and the child will collapse out of pure exhaustion sometime. But for right now, I am feeling a little desparate, lost and am really missing Adam. I guess it is a little selfish to wish additional misery on someone else. At least I know that he is getting some sleep tonight. But I am convinced that, with a little prodding, and a good sense of humor, Adam would be able to turn this nightmare-ish experience into something funny. In any case, he could do some of the driving.