6 months. Today Kayla is 6 months old. A half of a year has passed. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed. Yet I am now listening to her talk to herself in the Exersaucer and can hardly believe that she is the same baby I held in my arms in August. Kayla is now sitting up on her own and laughs all of the time. Her favorite food thus far is bananas and she is ALMOST sleeping through the night. She is curious about everything and wakes up ready to go–but is willing to be patient when Mom is not. I guess what is so amazing about this baby is how tolerant she is of her crazy parents. People have told me how lucky she is to have Adam and me as parents but I look at it the other way. We are so blessed to have this precious person join our family. Today we took a walk around the neighborhood and stopped off at the park. It seems hard to believe that in a few months Kayla will be sitting in the swings waiting for me to push her.