Just a quick posting…. Kayla went to her first movie, Elf, yesterday. Loews theater sponsors a movie each week for parents with children under age 1. It is a way to see first run movies and to get out. I enjoyed the experience, but did not find myself speaking with anyone. Kayla slept through the whole thing.

Kayla discovered her toes/feet this morning. It was pretty cool to see her eyes light up when I introduced her to her feet. She is really smiling, especially when she is on the changing table. How cute. Next, I am working on trying to get her to take a nap without my intervention. I put a new mobile on her crib, complete with music-box like Mozart music. I am curious to see how long it will take her to either fall asleep or start screaming for me to get her out!

Kayla is working on sleeping through the night. Last night she slept 6 hours! We are getting there.