Archives for September 2003

A quick note before Kayla wakes up. Adam returned to work today. While 3 weeks IS a long time to be off of work, it was really a wonderful experience having him home to help with Kayla and get me back in shape to feel comfortable being on my own with the baby. Well, I am not totally on my own. Peggy is coming in 3 afternoons this week and my mother is in town this week to help with the transition. But then….well, we should be off and running.

The early morning feedings are getting a little easier. Kayla seems to be waking herself up at night in time for her next meal. However, she really resists going back to sleep during the day. What an appetite! It seems that she is ALWAYS eating. Which means that she is really growing! I was thrilled to learn on Friday that she has surpassed her birth weight and then some. (7lbs 8 ounces.) We have one more week until her due date and I am really looking forward to celebrating. While I would not trade these last few weeks (okay, I would prefer not to relive adjusting to the lack of sleep) I am really anxious to stop saying that she is a “Premie” and start saying that she is a full-term beauty!!!

On one last note, I just wanted to thank everyone who signed our online guest book. I realize that I have sort of been incommunicado and your notes have really made me feel in touch with the world. This week, I have pledged to start calling people back!

Today, we put some of the photos and the video we shot at the hospital together. Take a peek