So it’s been a full week back at work for me. I’ve missed my colleagues but at the same time, I find myself so much more excited and eager to get out of here (I haven’t stayed past 6 one night this week).

Thanks to Hurricaine Isabel, we’re blessed with another day and night with Bubbie Barbie, who isn’t leaving until noon tomorrow. It’s really been great having her here — you should see our place. She’s helped us organize, straighten up and everything looks great.

Like Renee, I want to say thanks to everyone for the cards, the calls and the guestbook signatures. It’s always great to come back and see your thoughts. Keep ’em coming.

I’ve got a great black-and-white picture of my dad and me from our wedding and today, I think of what my Dad holding Kayla would have looked like — he would have been 73 today. And if you didn’t know, that’s the origin of Kayla’s name (my dad’s name was Kenny).