Archives for July 2003

On the checklist of things to do, we can finally check off starting to search for some postpartum support. We met with our first “Doula” last night. She really seems dedicated to working with us and our baby. The only downside, she is allergic to cats. Hmmm…We’ll need to think about this more. I will continue searching for someone who isn’t too homeopathic but isn’t too rigid either. We don’t need someone to help me do yoga in the middle of the night but on the other hand, we are not in favor of strict rules.

In the meantime, I have started to see the OB once every 2 weeks. Our birthing classes are in 2 weeks and we plan to clear out the 2nd bedroom in the middle of August. The search for a pediatrician will commence shortly.

So a weekend trip to Ikea turned up three new dressers for LuLu’s new room. We’re going with products that are durable enough to get banged up and yet inexpensive enough that we won’t panic when she draws all over them.