Archives for June 2003

The McDonald’s hearings and reconsiderings continue into the summer. That may not seem to relevant on our baby page but has something to do with what happened to me today. There was a reconsideration hearing at city hall today. In an effort to get the community to attend, the alderman rented a school bus to take community members to observe the hearing. So we all met at the alderman’s office to get on the bus. Adam and I, of course, were the first one’s there and had to wait the longest. Today the temperature reached the low 90’s and the alderman’s office was not well ventilated let alone air conditioned. I was begining to get a little “woozy” around the “edges” if you know what I am saying. It does not help that I continue to have a “dog-like” sense of smell and was being assaulted by the odor emanating from one of my neighbors. Okay, I do not want to be cruel, but when you can smell EVERYTHING, little things like Male-non-showeredness can get to you.

Getting on the bus was no big challenge and I thought all is well. But, while waiting to get off of the school bus (with the very steep steps, I might add), the same maliferous male stench reached my gentle nose and…yup, I stopped paying attention to where I was going and how I was balancing and zip….Down the stair I went, like a big hippo. But that is not the worst part….While Adam tried to grab me from the back, the Alderman had to catch me as I fell forward. Everyone, except the smelly man, asked me if I was alright and I think that I was (a little shaken maybe) but Okay. Yup! What a great impression to leave with the Alderman. Hi! Meet Adam, well spoken, groomed and otherwise great guy. Now meet his wife–Which dwarf should we describe her as “Clumsy” or “Dizzy?” You decide.

So, those shoes are going in the closet for another day and I am doing the only thing a pregnant woman who is ashamed of her clumsiness can do…TELL EVERYONE SHE KNOWS! Little did I realize, until I got to my office, it is no wonder that my balance is off, Lulu is listing to my left side. I wonder what that means?

Look for Adam and I in the paper. We spoke with a trib reporter after the hearing. I am sure that Adam will read to Lulu from the article if it makes it into the paper.

Well it is finally summer and getting warmer. Thus far I have been pretty lucky–cool weather = cool & comfe Renee. All-in-all not a bad thing. But with summer comes a lot of activities and that is tiring me out. I have now invested in a “wedge” pillow and a strange other pillow that goes inbetween my knees. They are helping me sleep comfortably but basically by the time that I go to bed, I am pretty much immobilized by all that extra support. But if I can keep up the circulation to my legs and avoid spider vains, I am willing to try anything. I will keep you all posted on my success.

I didn’t believe that it would happen to me but yes, I have become one of the many statistics of pregnant women who spend more time in the bathroom than in her office chair. While it is true that I am drinking a lot more H2O, I feel like I am also constantly going to the bathroom which, incidentally, is about as far away from my desk as it can possibly be. Not only that, but I feel like I am no longer able to commute to the office via car due to bathroom issues. I am also realizing that I am not able to go on long car trips without mapping designated bathroom stops along the way. This is just embarrassing.

Oh well, we are really busy this weekend with the whole McDonald’s rally. Saturday we are going to a press conference and Monday there is another hearing. I think that I will make quite a statement holding up a demonstration sign while 6 months pregnant. What do you think?